“Raizy opened my eyes to new styles, new brands, and frankly a better way of thinking about my wardrobe. I had some nice pieces before. But now I make better use of them, and complement them in smarter ways. My sessions with Raizy helped make my intent a reality.”
~Vinoo V., Chief Marketing Officer, Philadelphia


“After over 15 years at the same firm I decided I was ready for a new challenge. Along with polishing my resume, I knew it was just as important to polish my appearance. A colleague referred me to the Ruby Image Group, who had worked with them the previous year with remarkable results. They helped me revamp my look with a new hair style and make up. Raizy and I shopped for the perfect interview outfits that reflected my professional style, plus we picked up a few great accessories that expressed my personality as well. I walked into the interviews with grace and confidence and walked away with the job of my dreams. Thanks Raizy!”
~Judith H., Management Consultant, Los Angeles


“My husband and I relocated to LA from Seattle. We were still in boxes when we found Raizy and the Ruby Image Group and they helped us with absolutely everything. Not just organizing our closets and helping us sort through the items that just weren’t made for our new lives in LA, but Raizy took us shopping, introduced me to an amazing new hair stylist, and gave me the names of the top two manicurists in my neighborhood. That was back in 2010 and I still call them regularly for advice and recommendations. Restaurants, hiking trails, you name it – they know it! My husband and I are now both “Confident Angelenos” thanks to the Ruby Image Group.”
~Veronica S., Beverly Hills


“After spending a few days with Raizy, I found myself with the best haircut I’ve ever had, a new outfit that flattered and suited my style, and beautiful new make up. Now I feel fresh, younger and confident in my updated look. Raizy led me to beauty!”
~Chanee V., Textile Designer, Charlotte


“I may be confident in the courtroom, but re-entering the dating scene after my divorce was another story. Not only did Raizy help me “cleanse” my wardrobe, she helped me re-style my life. She put me together with a nutritionist and trainer who worked around my busy schedule, held my hand while I went through a dramatic hair color change and filled my closet with perfectly flattering outfits for dates, sexy tops and heels for nights out with the girls and even helped me revitalize my cache of suits to better fit and flatter my new slimmer, sleeker figure. I’ve never looked or felt more confident and there are no words for how grateful I am to Raizy and the Ruby Image Group network for guiding me every step of the way.”
~Olivia L., Attorney, Beverly Hills


“As much as I thought I knew fashion, Raizy’s expertise has opened my eyes to a new level of style. I didn’t realize I had fallen into a fashion rut, but through Raizy’s process I was introduced to new shapes and styles that suited me but that I never would have tried on my own. Raizy has become my ultimate advisor: knowledgeable, direct and encouraging.”
~Suzanne R., West Hollywood

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