Raizy Rubinstein

Founded in 2010 by Raizy Rubinstein, Ruby Image Group was born of the desire to share her cultivated, chic style. Between her much-lauded eponymous luxury boutique in Chicago and years spent traveling the globe as both a professional shopper and buyer, Raizy is both a tastemaker and trendsetter. Today she is in the unique position of being ideally suited to bring a fresh perspective to the field of luxury lifestyle consulting. Sophisticated modern glamour is her raison d’être – mix that with a savvy, intimate knowledge of the world of fashion and design, infallible instincts and cosmopolitan elegance and you have a matchless friend and ally who will elevate not only your style but your life.

Realizing her dream, Raizy founded Ruby Image Group. Raizy has assembled an unparalleled team, a coterie of experts with a collective pool of knowledge and expertise in beauty, fashion and design. Working with Raizy and her team is in fact a truly life-altering experience. The confidence gained by knowing you are showing the world your true and best self is incalculable. Ruby Image Group stylists will discover your unique style identity and then work their magic, revealing the most polished, poised and chic version of you.

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